Chapter 6:  Applied Trigonometry (Laws of Sines and Cosines, Vectors)

So, Chapter 6, we are going to do a little differently.  I'm going to post lecture and example videos here.  It's going to be your job to watch them outside of school or in studies, or whenever.  Each night, instead of homework, you will watch the lectures and examples here and take notes.  In class, we will work problems (i.e. do homework), and focus on problem solving.  Expect to spend between 20 minutes and 45 minutes on lectures each night.  These lectures and problem sets are designed to accompany Chapter 6 of "Precalculus with Limits:  A Graphing Approach" by Ron Larson.

Good Hunting.

Mr. Carlson

Problem Sets

Class 6.0:  A Brief Introduction to Applied Trigonometry

Class 6.1:  Law of Sines

Class 6.2:  Law of Cosines

Class 6.3:  Vectors in the Plane

Class 6.4:  Vectors and Dot Products

Here's a link to a website put up by a school in Texas that has an online book posted that is exceptionally similar (only different problems) to the book we are using.

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